Afghan Kush


Afghan Kush roots trace back to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. There its genotype has been perfected over centuries, making it the ultimate source for hash such as charas and the sticky black Afghani hash. White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds partner from the Netherlands, made the seeds of this strain available for everyone to grow.


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Afghan Kush


History & Genetics

Afghan Kush has a name that spread like wildfire through the cannabis community. For pure indica landrace strains, no plant is as famous or infamous as Afghan Kush. Those who just want to chill out snacking while their favorite music plays, slowly falling asleep to the strain’s influence, become Afghan Kush regulars after one toke. Growers love how hardy it is and users love how much CBD it retains. For long-lasting body-based effects, this strain is a keeper.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Typical Effects


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light green nug of Afghan Kush, with lots of glittery trichomes and thin orange hairs

This strain grows in sturdy branches, covered in resinous, huge, condensed buds whose trichomes glisten beneath rusty red hairs and broad leaves. The strain is originally a landrace strain from the Amu Darya River Valley along the border of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Afghan Kush was a wild lady for hundreds of years, flourishing in the harsh natural climates of its homeland and refining itself through many generations of evolution.

The aroma recalls mango and tropical oranges mixed with earthy funk. Pine, herbal fragrances fill your garden (or house) with the scent of Afghan Kush. The taste isn’t nearly as strong as some other strains. Users describe it as mild, even bland, with a whisper of fruit on the exhale. For those with sensitive palettes that don’t enjoy living on the funky side of the tracks in cannabis town, Afghan Kush will go easy on them.


Afghan Kush has a solid 21% THC average but its effects excel beyond that due to the plant’s ability to retain cannabinoids during extraction. With a CBD level of 6%, including 1% CBN, Afghan Kush can deliver medicinal value in a great-tasting package.

Its effects promote a do-nothing attitude that pairs well with relaxation. This is a great strain for movie lovers, sleepers, and snackers. If you want to be lazy and fall asleep from the lack of effort, this strain can make you happy, pain-free, and get rid of depression in the process. Traumatic stress and migraines can also be treated with a dose of Afghan Kush, a little mind-alleviating relief from the Hindu Kush mountains on the other side of the world.


Natural selection brought us the perfect Afghan Kush, the product we enjoy today from White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seed partner, the Netherlands-based growers that made Afghan available to everyone.

Growers love how sturdy the plant has become after generations of hardship. Even in adverse temperature conditions, Afghan Kush thrives with almost no expertise. Even still, a little skill can go a long way to maximize the plant’s yield! Tender pruning can certainly encourage the branches to reach their full potential.

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