black widow hierba strain


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Black Widow is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing South American with South Indian Sativa. This strain is known to provide a buzzy head high that is accompanied by relaxing effects. Black Widow smells fruity and a little bit skunky. This strain is extremely potent, ideal for anyone with a high THC tolerance. Medical marijuana patients choose Black Widow to help relieve symptoms associated with muscle spasms, stress and physical pain. black widow hierba strain


What do black widows taste like?
Black Widow Tastes Like A Wood Forest Steep In Tropical Waters. Black Widow is the type of cannabis you close your eyes, see behind the heavy high, and taste the traces of tropical flavors. When you consume Black Widow, the tokes myrcene terpenes create a creamy mango smoke that typically induces a sweet appetite. black widow hierba strain

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