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Blue Zkittlez is the result of crossing the famous Zkittlez genes and the powerful Blue Diamond. The resulting indica dominant hybrid has 70% indica and 30% sativa genes. With its caramel and citrus flavor, Blue Zkittlez retains the delicious taste of the original Zkittlez, but with notes of fresh berries and a touch of diesel. Its aroma is composed of rich earthy and diesel nuances accompanied by fresh berries. blue zkittlez efectos

With a THC level of 20%, Blue Zkittlez’s high takes a while to develop into a high that leaves you feeling high and agitated. When the effect begins to spread throughout the rest of the body, you will feel relaxed and sometimes excited.

The buds of this plant are extremely dense and have an olive green color with hints of amber, and are covered with an abundant layer of resin. blue zkittlez efectos


1/2 Ounce $130, 1 Ounce $235, QP $410, HP $610, 1P $1100


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