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About Diesel Dough

Diesel Dough is a stimulating sativa-dominant hybrid strain first grown in the United States. A cross between Sour Diesel and Do-Si-Dos, Diesel Dough is the product of a famous cannabis operation in Portland, Oregon known as Archive Seed Bank. This company focuses on a complete cannabis experience provided to the recreational and medical cannabis patients in the Portland area, in addition to creating some of the most unique and potent hybrids on the market today. Diesel Dough is often described as being a potent powerhouse by those that have reviewed the strain, despite the fact that credible test data regarding its THC and CBD concentrations area is unavailable to the public. Diesel Dough is absolutely a daytime strain, as its effects are nothing short of stimulating.

Diesel Dough was not accidentally created through a mishap in cross-pollination. Sour Diesel is a classic cannabis strain despite its sometimes overwhelming sativa effects and potent aroma. Do-Si-Dos was chosen as the second parent strain for this flower in order to tame a bit of that funk and reduce the flowering time of the strain a bit. This is because Sativa-dominant flowers often take longer to reach harvest, reducing the potential profits for growers. These buds are often bright green in color, with a winding orange hairs and bright white trichomes coating the surface of these buds. In addition, the resin glands on these plants are hyperactive, producing a sticky layer of resin on these flowers which is sure to get all over your hands when breaking this bud down. diesel dough strain

These incredibly stinky flowers retain much of the Sour Diesel aroma with a bit of the sweet and fragrant Do-Si-Dos aroma mixed in for good measure. These plants are medium producers, which is a pleasant surprise for those used to low-producing, slow-growing sativa plants. In addition, these plants end up quite tall, which should be accounted for before beginning the growing process. diesel dough strain


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