exotic ghost saucer mushroom


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Exotic Ghost Saucer mushroom


The Ghost strain, also known as the Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher strain, is a type of psilocybin cubensis mushroom. The Ghost strain is extremely rare in the mycology research community but is also becoming more popular. Known for being particularly beautiful, the Ghost strain is a treat to study under a microscope, as the spores of this strain are completely clear. The Ghost strain looks notably similar to the Penis Envy strain. The Ghost strain boasts very thick and wide stems that are a pure, bright white color. The caps of this strain are notably smaller and flatter than other strains and have a light beige, nearly white, hue. The Ghost strain is unique in that the caps of this mushroom have wavy skirts that resembled bottlecaps. Ghost magic mushroom spores are also very translucent, which makes them a real treat to study under a microscope. This strain also bruises a metallic blue-grey when touched.  exotic mushroom sauce exotic mushroom spores for sale mushroom ghost house star coins exotic ghost shells where can i buy exotic mushrooms near me exotic sauces and condiments exotic mushroom growing kit exotic mushrooms to grow




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