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    king louie strain is also known as King Louis, “Louis XIII Kush,” an indica marijuana variety made by crossing OG Kush and LA Confidential. The French aristocracy wore wigs as a matter of course, but the name is now associated with a popular indica dominant strain in Southern California. This strain is known by its smell, just as it was in the 1600s. This monarch’s aroma is meant to be enjoyed. Its dense nugs emit a piney scent with a musk earthy that will make you think of your last forest trip. The OG Kush in heritage Louis XIII gives it a similar spicy kush smell. King louie strainking kinglouieking luiking the louiethe thirteenthprice of the louiethe fourteenthlouise hazeking the louise hazeking the louise hazeking the louise cakeking the oglouisvi aromaking the louise cakeking the kinglouieking the louise websiteking the louise hazeking the louise 15t space platinum Fly x3 reviewking of the jungle cakelouie picturesking of the 17th podking near melouisxiiifrancelouisv11pictures king of louisxivlouiking of the 15thpodking near melouisxiiilouiking of the 15thpodking of the 15th podking near francelouisxivlouiking of the 15thpodking of the 15thpodking close to king xii The king of louis is the king of cookies. king louie strain

Question about King Louis strain

Is king Louis a sativa or an indica?

King Louis is a indica.

What does King Louis make me feel like?

King Louis will make you happy, relaxed and sleepy.

What does King Louis taste like?

King Louis is earthy and pungent, with a pine-like taste.

What are the terpenes in King Louis?

King Louis is dominated by limonene.

What strains are similar in nature to King Louis?

Other strains that are similar to King Louis are Gummiez, Holy Grail Kush (also known as Khalifa Kush), and Pineapple Preserves.




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