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Loma Prieta by Grandiflora is a sativa-dominant hybrid from the renowned Cookies brand. The parent strains are mysterious – all we can tell you is the growers took a cross of two Grandiflora favorites, Melonatta and Project 4516, and then crossed them again with an anonymous mystery strain.

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Named for the highest peak in the Santa Cruz mountains, Loma Prieta can do just that: get you the highest. Though only 19% THC, do not be fooled: this strain packs a punch. Loma Prieta is a good strain for inexperienced or casual cannabis users who want to try something a bit more challenging. I mean, not as challenging as hiking a mountain.

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1. Scent: Getting gas, slight sunscreenish minty, and green “living” earth.

2. Appearance: Well, as you can see the money nug is purple in some very small spots. The red fire hairs really stand out. Other C sized buds just look great. Wish I had a better zoom like the more veteran folks.


Loma Prieta strain for sale online | Loma Prieta marijuana strain

3. Nug Structure: Tight enough to want to use the grinder, but loose enough to work with if one enjoys bitter plant matter. Grinding does sometimes make the bubbler bowls burn faster/fall down the carb. (Hella lame!)

loma prieta by grandiflora genetics strain review by trunorcal420 34. Smoke: Little warm on left side during exhale. Little nose tingles as well but the smoke is nice and smooth.

Loma Prieta strain for sale | Loma Prieta weed Strain

Gelonade is a popular strain in California. Medical marijuana patients this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with pain and anxiety.


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