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White Widow Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that reaches great heights and produces huge yields. This strain was born by crossing White Widow, Northern Light and Super Silver Haze. This combination induces a powerful high that can be described as a sensation bordering on psychedelic. widow haze

White Widow Haze’s predominance of sativa genes causes a euphoric and uplifting cerebral effect. This feature makes it a great option to turn to when you want to develop a creative project, such as composing music. White Widow Haze is a great strain for daytime consumption, and can be used to perform jobs and tasks compatible with being high. widow haze

In this way it can even enhance concentration and attention. When you smoke a well-loaded joint or bong of White Widow Haze, your palate experiences a delicious sweet and fruity flavor. The flowers produced by this strain are packed with trichomes and contain an impressive 20% THC level. This would be enough to get even experienced smokers high, so newbies will have to be careful and control the rate at which they consume these buds.

White Widow Haze can reach exorbitant heights, up to 3m when grown outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have access to a large outdoor area that receives a lot of sunlight, growing this variety will not give you any problems. If you don’t have that luxury, but still want to grow this plant outdoors, another option would be to plant this beast in a guerrilla grow.

White Widow Haze produces outdoor yields of around 700g per plant, in a flowering period of approximately 65 days. Indoors, it usually maintains a much smaller size, with heights of around 80-110cm. These are more interesting figures for growers looking for a discreet and manageable herb. When planted indoors, White Widow Haze produces around 500-550g/m².


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