Your Highness Marijuana Strain


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Buy Her Highness Marijuana Strain in Georgia

Buy Your Highness Marijuana Strain in Georgia. Royal Highness is an award-winning strain from Royal Queen Seeds, the culmination of two highly sought-after strains. She sweeps the room with a cerebral high, delivering flavors so brilliant you’ll crave them between hits. This sativa-dominant hybrid, which took 3rd place in the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup competition for best CBD flower, is just as powerful and powerful as its iconic parents, Dance Hall and Respect. Buy Cuban Magic Mushrooms online.

With a THC content of around 14%, this high is balanced between its relaxing qualities and its ability to stimulate the mind. These forest green nuggets offer a sweet smell of fruit and earth with a slight hint of skunk, while the palate relies more on the blueberry flavors with sweet tree fruit undertones. The rich purple undertones and full icing of lavender trichomes make this bud appear as fruity as it Lpsc X Km 24

Buy Her Highness Marijuana Strain in Georgia


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