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  • Sativa-dominant strains are tall and have thin leaves.
  • Sativa-dominant strains have distinct chemical profiles. Cannabinoids are compounds that interact with your body, and terpenes give cannabis its unique smell and taste. These strains are famous for an uplifting, creative high, making them great for social and energetic experiences.
  • These strains are also believed to offer various benefits, such as improving focus and concentration, enhancing mood, and stimulating appetite.
  • Physical appearance and growth patterns: Indica dominant strains tend to have a shorter and bushier stature with broad, deep-green leaves. They typically exhibit a denser bud structure compared to sativa strains.
  • Indica strains usually have more THC and less CBD. They contain terpenes like myrcene, which relaxes, and linalool, which calms.
  • Indica strains relax and soothe, best for evenings. They may help with pain, inflammation, sleep, and anxiety. They also boost relaxation and appetite.
  • Hybrid strains are a mix of indica and sativa strains, offering a balanced blend of their effects and characteristics.
  • Hybrid strains like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Gorilla Glue are made by mixing different strains to get unique features.
  • Hybrid strains have different effects, like making you feel relaxed and happy, reducing pain, and boosting your creativity. The specific effects depend on the strain and how well you can handle them



  • In the real world, your mood’s dictated by more than your smartphone—it’s a physical, mental and spiritual thing. High-quality cannabinoids quiet all the background noise and let you set the mood that you want. When taken individually, or at the same time, THC, CBD, CBG and Delta 8 THC help treat chronic conditions from arthritis, ADHD to anxiety and insomnia. Whether vaped, smoked, or eaten, this molecular alchemy gets you vibing in less than an hour.
  • Deep down we all have an artistic genius of our own that’s seeking to be free. Our organic, hemp-derived cannabinoids hold the keys that unlock your creative prowess. As the Great Mother molecule of them all, CBG + THC lays the cushioning that keeps you focused and in-control of your euphoria. CBD, Delta 8 & THC alleviate inflammation in your brain and muscles, reconnecting you with the parts of yourself you thought you had lost. And THC-O? We’re not kidding when we say it’s heavenly.



  • It’s too easy to forget what actually makes you happy. Our organic cannabis injects life with a new freshness, and inspires you all day and night. CBG, the Great Mother of the cannabinoids, goes straight to work, treating the severest cases of depression and despair. When you throw sativa-leaning terpenes, organic CBD, THC and nano-emulsified Delta 8 THC into the mix, they’re energizing at the neurological and spiritual levels. And if all else fails, THCP is waiting for you.
  • We all deal with pain, but we don’t have to suffer it. Biologically speaking, all of our physical discomfort, chronic or otherwise, stems from inflammation. Organic, potent cannabinoids heal that inflammation by stimulating or binding to CB2 receptors that stretch from our brains down to our toes. THC & CBG does this for long stretches in a few places, as CBD and Delta 8 go soothing you from spot to spot. The end result: your aches and soreness fade, giving you a greater range of motion, and a helluva break. 

QUALITY GENETICS, Genetics are the #1 factor in determining the quality of cannabis, we carefully source quality genetics from different breeders throughout the world. The vast majority of LocalGrove’s cultivars are pheno hunted and selected from seed for their unique smell and taste.

VEGETATIVE PHASE, Healthy clones can only come from healthy mother plants. Larger clones are taken from the tops of plants and rooted using an aerosol cloner. Once rooted, they are transitioned into a custom soil blend with organic inputs. Our plants are vegged full term to closely mimic the vegetative time that occurs in nature.

FLOWERING PHASE, From fertilizing practices, lighting, and specialized grow strategies, to facility design factors, such as space, technological capabilities, and equipment choices, we take all factors into consideration.

HAND TRIMMING, The final step before packaging and is an essential part of our process. Each flower is hand-trimmed to ensure quality is maintained from beginning to end.

Frequently asked questions

A hybrid strain is a strain of cannabis flower bred using the parents of an indica strain and a hybrid strain. Hybrid weed is another way of referring to flower with effects that sit between sativa and indica.

A hybrid strain is often preferred by experienced cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy a balanced high. For example, sativa-dominant hybrid strain is believed to give consumers the energizing benefits of sativa strains while simultaneously providing the relaxing ‘head high’ of an indica strain. On the other hand, indica-dominant hybrid strains are believed to relax users without making them overly drowsy.

Pure sativa strains are hard to find, but they do exist. Pure sativa strains are believed to produce effects that may make you feel energized, upbeat, and focused. Examples of popular pure sativa strains include Sour Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Green Crack, and Maui Wowie.

The top 10 hybrid strains are not here to agitate you—they’re all noted for their relaxing properties and pleasant smells and tastes. From wedding cake to gelato to cereal milk, you’ll see a lot of dessert flavors that often inspire the munchies, so plan accordingly.

  1. Wedding Cake—The Strain of the Year 2019 still rules the hybrid strain charts, noted for causing relaxation, hunger, and arousal. Wedding Cake can have a sweet aroma that may remind you of vanilla. The hybrid strain effect hits heavy but right in the middle, making everyone a fan.
  2. GG4—GG4 is a much more pungent hybrid strain than Wedding Cake or other dessert strains. The Chocolate Thai in this triple-Diesel cross pulls the effects toward the middle of energizing and relaxing.
  3. Runtz—Zkittlez and Gelato combine in this 2020 hybrid strain of the year. This chatty, happy party weed can taste of syrupy sweet, creamy berry cookie. Runtz crosses like White Runtz and Black Runtz continue to be a fan favorite.
  4. Gelato—Gelato is the Barry Bonds of hybrid weed strains—an absolute powerhouse that broke so many records it was bound to attract haters. One-quarter of reviewers say this 2018 Strain of the Year helps them with stress, anxiety, and depression.
  5. Blue Dream—Blueberry and grassy flavors invite you into this mellow, balanced hybrid strain. Blue Dream’s been a top 10 strain in the US for over a decade. This strain is sought after for stress, anxiety, and depression.
  6. GSC—After OG Kush, GSC created a new era of weed that we are still living through. It gave us strains like Sunset Sherbert, Gelato, Runtz, and Wedding Cake to name a few. The mix of OG Kush and F1 Durb leaves reviewers feeling hungry and giggly, which may help with stress and depression.
  7. OG Kush—Pine, woody, earthy OG Kush ran the hybrid weed scene in the ‘90s, and 2000s, with a legacy that thrives to this day in strains like Marshmellow OG. Nearly half of reviewers reported it helped with stress, thanks to its versatile day or nighttime effects.
  8. Sunset Sherbert—Thank you, Mr. Sherbinski, for accidentally flowering a male GSC in an all-female Pink Panties room, resulting in the game-changing Sunset Sherbert. It’s got that sweet berry ice cream taste and a soothing hybrid effect. To this day, its dominant terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene define the smell of exotic pot in the US.
  9. Gary Payton—Unique stone fruit, pepper, and lavender notes come from this super-popular, trendy hybrid strain from San Francisco’s Kenny ‘Powers’ Dumetz and Jason Meija of PowerzzzUp. The Y combined with the sativa-dominant hybrid strain Snowman (Thin Mint Cookies x Florida OG Kush) created a new GSC category. Gary Payton is climbing into the upper echelon of popular strains alongside sibling Cereal Milk.
  10. Apple Fritter—Lumpy’s Sour Diesel to GSC results in a tart, sour apple note popping out against a cookies background. Apple Fritter keeps adding fans year after year and has become a top 10 hybrid strain.

Sativa strains would be considered “uppers” due to its energizing and uplifting effects.

The effects of sativa strains may make you feel more energized, uplifted, and focused. When smoking a sativa-dominant strain, it’s important to monitor your dosage because too much sativa may have an inverse effect and make you feel tired or sleepy. When it comes to sativa strains, it’s best to start slow.

The effects of sativa strains may make you feel more energized, uplifted, and focused. When smoking a sativa-dominant strain, it’s important to monitor your dosage because too much sativa may have an inverse effect and make you feel tired or sleepy. When it comes to sativa strains, it’s best to start slow.

The effects of sativa strains may make you feel more energized, uplifted, and focused. When smoking a sativa-dominant strain, it’s important to monitor your dosage because too much sativa may have an inverse effect and make you feel tired or sleepy. When it comes to sativa strains, it’s best to start slow.

Here are the highest-THC strains in our library labeled sativa that have a lot of reviews, and should be the easiest to find at a dispensary.

  1. Durban: Lab tests consistently show Durban averaging 20% THC. That makes the old-school strain hold its own against modern hybrids. Fans report using that THC plus terpinolene and myrcene combo to get stuff done—making Durban the espresso of cannabis.
  2. Super Silver Haze: ‘Haze’ strains embody what it means to be a sativa and none may test as high, or be as popular as Super Silver Haze. While some sativas can be racy and spacy, Super Silver Haze fans report lots of energy with equal amounts of focus. Lab tests average 20% THC, considered very high.
  3. Chocolope: This cross of a Haze and Thai can taste like coffee and get you going just as much. It tests at 22% THC, and is strong in terpinolene, so strap in to ride this flower. Fans often report energy, focus, and a lifted mood.
  4. East Coast Sour Diesel: The city that never sleeps needs a sativa to keep its engines humming. Testing at 24%, East Coast Sour Diesel is that engine. ECSD has been a staple in the database since 2011, with fresh reviews through 2022.
  1. Tangie: The Tangie weed strain has strong orange and citrus notes and reliably energetic, versatile, and approachable effects. It came from Crockett Family Farms in California and is a national staple. Tangie has power over many crosses to this day.
  2. Sour Diesel: Sour Diesel’s strong, uplifting effects and fuel/diesel aromas keep this old-school blockbuster sativa relevant to this day. The East Coast runs on diesel, and Sour D powers hot hybrids like Apple Fritter.
  3. Super Lemon Haze: This old-school sativa from Europe continues to dominate sativa menus in dispensaries across the US, thanks to its light, lemony, grassy aroma, and strong energetic effects. All types of Haze strains provide energetic effects, fans report.
  4. Jack Herer: This classic sativa from Europe has fallen out of fashion with aficionados, but it still rules among sativas in the streets. It’s got a consistent, candy-sweetness and a vivid energetic effect that makes it a legend.
  5. Durban: Short for Durban Poison, this top-selling sativa references its hometown of Durban, South Africa. Durban is sweet with terpinolene, like Jack Herer. A 2022 study concluded that weed strong in the terpenes terpinolene plus myrcene represents the core of what it means to be a sativa strain.

While indica strains affect everyone differently, the most common feelings associated with indica-dominant strains are relaxation, sedation, and sometimes hunger. When smoking an indica strain, it is important to monitor your dosage, as smoking too much may cause intense drowsiness.

How do you define the best indica strain? According to Leafly reviewers, it boils down to ten indica strains, old and new, that Leafly reviewers love for how sleepy it makes them feel. You’ll note “kush” and “purple” in many indica strain names, which refer to their lineages like Humboldt Purple or Kushes from the Hindu Kush region of Asia.

  1. Alien Bubba: Alien Bubba fans swear by this cross of Alien Kush and Bubba Kush, which can abduct you just as hard as the parents. Its tea, earthy and nutty taste is vintage, too.
  2. Blackberry Cream: Exotic Genetix’s Blackberry Cream has been putting fans in a dessert coma since at least 2016. They rave for this cross of Blackberry Kush and Cookies and Cream.
  3. Blue Knight: Shocker, the strain with Blueberry and Kryptonite makes reviewers go lights-out, nighty-night. It’s an older genetic, but it checks out.
  4. Blue Zkittlez: Zkittlez on its own gets tagged an indica strain, but Blue Zkittlez pushes the sleepy effect even harder. Thanks to the candy aisle terpenes from the Z, BZ might be the tastiest of the bunch.
  5. Cement Shoes: Cement Shoes encase your feet in rock and toss you into the ocean to sleep with the fishes. Animal Cookies, OGKB, and Wet Dream all lend genes for THC to this crusher.
  6. Death Bubba: Fluff your pillow whenever you see “Bubba” in the name. Fill out your will when they add “Death” to the title. Death Star x Bubba Kush have been smashing insomnia for the better part of a decade now.
  7. El Chapo OG: Lots of OG Kush crosses hit like a truck and sit you down. Chapo OG backs up its intimidating name with effects that insist you take a nap.
  8. Face-Off OG: Usually, Face-Off OG pops up in crosses, but if you can get at this original type of OG Kush, it should live up to its face-ripping reputation. Archive Seed Bank breeder “Fletch” popularized this strain via Dosidos.
  9. Forbidden Fruit: Weirdly, this Bay Area cross of GDP x Tangie gets listed as an indica strain. Tangie is more of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, but together they lean toward the GDP effect with gobs of THC and the terpene myrcene driving the relaxing effects. Forbidden Fruit is the friendliest indica strain of the bunch.
  10. Purple Hindu Kush: Take the famous Hindu Kush and throw some more purple at it and boom—a forever strain. PHK has some of the oldest reviews and some of the newest. Get all prepped for a weed nap and explore the Kush.

When you combine sativa strains and indica strains to make hybrids, the kids often look more like the mother or the father. Growers will say, ‘this one is the more sativa-dominant phenotype. The rest are more indica-dominant.’ Here are some of the most popular, available, well-reviewed sativa-dominant hybrid strains out there.

  1. MAC1—MAC1 from breeder Capulator looks like a beast and hits like a MAC truck with energy from the sativa strain Miracle 15. Leafly reviewers report butter, citrus, and vanilla notes.
  2. White Widow—Vintage White Widow keeps charging in the 2020s with woody, spicy, earthy flavors and creative effects.
  3. Mimosa—The Tangie lends the energy to this gorgeous Purple Punch cross that’s great for brunch, art projects, and a mood lift.
  4. Pineapple Express—Trainwreck and Hawaiian make this famous sativa-dominant hybrid strain lean energetic, reviewers report. Pineapple, tropical, and mango flavors seem to come from myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene terpenes.
  5. Black Jack—Black Domina takes the edge off Jack Herer in this popular, classic cross.  Reviewers report energy, and focus off this piney, peppery sativa-dominant strain.

Hide your fridge and set out some healthy snacks. These indica-dominant hybrid strains encourage you to tuck into some Netflix and cheese dip.

  1. GMO Cookies—The mythical Chemdawg to the blockbuster GSC unlocked a whole new weed world, the land of GMO. It’s savory, dank, strong, and gorgeous. GMO’s sky-high THC levels yield indica-dominant hybrid effects that lean pretty hard toward relaxing. There are also tons of ripping GMO crosses, including Skunk House Genetics’ Donny Burger.
  2. Dosidos— Strain of the Year 2020 Dosidos will spin you around and sit you down, thanks to the blistering Face-Off OG to the mind-wiping OGKB. Dosi is an indica-hybrid strain that hits super-strong yet sedatingly with a flowery, peppery, pungent flavor.
  3. Biscotti—Gelato plus more OG yields Biscotti, a super-popular variety of indica-leaning hybrid that powers even newer crosses. This dessert strain has notes of vanilla, diesel, honey, and a unique body tingle. Biscotti crosses like Gunnpowder and Jealousy sit on 2022’s freshest menus.
  4. Oreoz—Oreoz has gathered an army of likes on Instagram with a dramatic look—a layer of white trichomes like icing atop a chocolate-black leaf. Oreoz features muted tobacco, vanilla, and coffee notes that come from Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon.
  5. Peanut Butter Breath—This Dosidos descendant can have a savory nutty note and sleepy/hungry indica hybrid effects. Breeder Thug Pug continues to build on his PB Breath line in Michigan.

No, all cannabis strains (including indica strains) are capable of having different effects from one user to another. This is due to differences in brain chemistry between people.

They don’t call it ‘in da couch’ for nothing.  reviewers strongly report that indica strains make them relaxed, as well as sleepy, happy, and hungry. They also report using the cultivars for stress, pain, insomnia, as well as anxiety.

Indica weed strains are perfect for those who struggle falling asleep at night, as well as individuals looking for an intensely relaxing body high. Budtenders pitch indica strains as offering relaxation, hunger, and body effects, compared to other cultivars that reviewers say help them focus, lift the blues, or suppress appetite. Many consumers state in flooded packs  reviews they use Indica strains to help them manage symptoms like pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, nausea, and other body issues. Indica strain users also report managing nervous disorders like stress and anxiety. 

While individual effects may vary from person to person, generally indica strains are known to make users more drowsy. This is one of the reasons why budtenders recommend indica strains to those who struggle with insomnia.

Sativa strains are believed to be mood boosters. The effects of each specific sativa strain may differ slightly depending on the individual. Generally, sativa-dominant strains tend to energize you more than other strain types. These effects allow many people to be more productive while high and may give experienced cannabis users more energy and motivation to do chores or pursue a hobby.

Sativa strains are generally viewed as mood boosters that can provide a spark of energy and creativity for its users. They are considered to be the perfect daytime strain, as they won’t make you drowsy or unmotivated like other strains can. In fact, after smoking an indica strain, you might find yourself inspired to pick up around the house or even write a song.

While individual effects may vary from person to person, generally sativa strains are found to have energizing effects that could, in turn, make it harder to fall asleep.
No, all cannabis strains (including sativa strains) are capable of having different effects from one user to another. This is due to differences in brain chemistry between people.

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That relaxed, calming effect indica strains provide is very close to what cannabis consumers crave the most. Consequently, cannabis strains that lean hard to the sleepy side are more popular than their counterparts. While some indica strains get higher ratings for their sleepy effects, different indicas prove more popular for a variety of reasons. These 10 most popular indica strains captivate the culture partially for how they make consumers feel and how they smell, look, and grow.

  1. BernieHanaButter: Get ultra-modern with your indica strain love with Cookies’ current favorite, BernieHanaButter, available in multiple states. Expect lots of GSC effects that hit strong and sedative.
  2. Bubba Kush: The beginning of the OG Kush era launched with the indica strain Bubba Kush, popularized by Matt’ Bubba’ Berger in the ’90s in L.A. Pungent, earthy, and calming—patients trust the Bubba with their stress, pain, and insomnia issues.
  3. Donny Burger: Donny Burger carries the flag for the GMO Cookies movement in 2022. It’s GMO crossed with Han Solo, which ultimately involves more GMO. The cheesy, ammonia, diesel funk of Donny Burger and the aroused, giggly, sleepy effects keep adding fans. Users find GMO more relaxing than Donny Burger, even though GMO gets listed as a hybrid strain.
  4. Grand Daddy Purple: This Northern California classic can look purple, taste like sweet grape flavor, and bring on hunger and chillaxation. It’s hard to find the real GDP strain in ’22, but the flavor profile abounds in carts. Alien Labs’ new Y2K seeks to reproduce the GDP of the 2000s.
  5. Ice Cream Cake: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 form one of America’s leading indica-listed strains, Ice cream Cake. The sweet, vanilla, and butter notes help patients reduce anxiety and stress, according to reviews.
  6. Master Kush: Your journey through indica strains must include so-called ‘Kushes’ like Master Kush and Hindu Kush. They sport the dense, dark look, hashy smell, and couchlock effect of the real thing from the foothills of the Himalayas.
  7. Northern Lights: In the beginning, there was Northern Lights—an elemental cross of ‘Ghani and Thai from Europe that endures to this day. This indica strain is good for stress, anxiety, or pain, reviewers report.
  8. Purple Octane: Ready to taste the indica strain of tomorrow? Seed Junky Genetics further refines GSC genes in Purple Octane, which combines (Biscotti x Sherb BX1) x (Jealousy F2). It’s purple. It’s grapey. It’s gassy. And it’ll pin you to your seat.
  9. Purple Punch: You’ll find Purple Punch in everything in the 2020s. It grows great, looks great, and yields versatile, approachable tastes and effects. Grape, berry, and blueberry flavors come from GDP crossed to the gas of Larry OG.
  10. Romulan: Ancient, alien-green Romulan still rocks consumers as an old-school indica strain with a piney scent and sleepy, hungry, and tingly effects. Reviewers love it for stress, pain, and insomnia.

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Indica-dominant hybrid strains are generally believed to provide balancing feelings and effects that are relaxing but not sedating.

Cali Weeds is a potent cannabis strain, grown in the USA. It is a hybrid of Mexican and Afghan strains. The high THC content makes it one of the most popular cannabis strains in California. cali weed buy cali kush order cali weed buy weed order

The name “Cali” is derived from the state of California, where this variety was first cultivated. The term “Cali” can also refer to any marijuana grown in California.

The popularity of Cali Weed has led to an increase in its price, which makes it difficult for people of low wealth to, es zu kaufen. weed bestellenEinige Apotheken bieten jedoch Rabatte auf Cali-Packungen und andere Produkte für Patienten an, cali gras kaufendie eine Krankenkarte oder ein Rezept von ihrem Arzt haben. cali weed Uk

We’re all grown-ups here. We know that you may want to relax with some recreational cannabis. We can help! We provide our customers with high-quality, safe, and tested weed grown by farmers that we know, trust, and are familiar with. We deliver discreetly, on time and to your door.

Cali weed has the highest potency in the entire world. You can buy Cali weed from our site if you wish to do so. Our cala packs include everything you need.

Indica-dominant hybrid strains are generally believed to provide balancing feelings and effects that are relaxing but not sedating.

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Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are believed to provide balancing feelings and effects that are uplifting and mentally stimulating.
flooded packs users report that they often use indica strains in the hope of relieving mild symptoms like inflammation, although more scientific research is needed on this topic.


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